Monday, October 15, 2007

Good lazy holiday

Friday, 12th Oct - Went to work as usual, check my Office Outlook and glad to see that there is not much work for me to do for the day. Office closed at 4pm because it's the eve of Hari Raya Festive Season. Thank God, I could leave at 4pm since I do not have anything urgent pending for me to do at work. When I left the office, it seems like I was the first one to leave that early that day. I don't mind.... just feel happy and looking forward for the 3 days off from work.

Saturday, 13th Oct - It's the first day of Hari Raya. Nothing special or planed to do because I don't celebrate Hari Raya and I do not have malay friends that I could go do house visiting. Just like any normal Saturdays, I would wake up late and spend time watching TV, playing computer games, playing with Jojo, and laze around all day long. I only sleep at the wee hours in the morning no matter how sleepy I am that time.

Sunday, 14th Oct - I wake up late and still feel groggy because of the late night I put up with the day before. I used to normally go to church every Sunday, but now not that often anymore. Seem to have lost the passion and the purpose of doing fellowship with others because as I think and think, it does still make sense that we can worship God anywhere, anytime and whenever we could. Not necessary got to be Sunday. But I do think Sunday must be sacred and joining the communion in church on Sunday morning is the most rightful thing to do. Hmm... what am I rambling here... Well, probably God will soon one day slaping me to WAKE UP!!! So... what I do on Sunday? Hmm... pretty the same as on Saturday. The only difference is I've got to go to bed early because have to work on Monday. But I can skip that this particular Sunday because tomorow is still a holiday.

Monday, 15th Oct - Feeling so good not to have to go to work today. This is a replacement holiday for Hari Raya. I love it when the holiday falls on Friday or Monday. In that, I could get a nice stretch of 3 days off from work. On what I did today, I've just watched two movies on Astro and now spending my time blogging..... The rest of the day, unplaned.

That's how I spend my Hari Raya holiday this year. Seems boring to many, but I really enjoy the relaxing leisure time with my loved ones and Jojo. Not necessary have to go to interesting places or do some wild unimmaginable things to get the kick off my butt to refresh myself to go back to the crazy working days after the holidays. I'm not that hard to please after all...

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