Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yay! Can login here now!!!

I have been really busy at work lately and do not have much time to view blogs. I was hit with a disappointment at work because company IT department suddently blocked us from using blogger a week ago. I have writen my frustration on my "Unhappiness at work place" when it happened.

Today, when I was just going to read my friend's blog at blogspot, I was surprise it didn't pop up the block message window which usually says "block by content advisor". So, I try my luck to login to blogger and viola!! I can access all the blogger pages now. I am so happy to find out about this. I suspected that I can have access to it now because yesterday when I couldn't download file from my work website server (which previously can), IT done something to lift up the blocking website for my login user so that I can download my work file from my work server. Hahaha.... (fading laugh) Now I can freely access blogger at work now. Just hope that they won't geniously change my company login settings from now onwards.

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