Friday, October 19, 2007

Must haves designer brand with BIG Discounts

I was browsing through the internet for fashion ideas on what to wear to my company up coming annual dinner this December. I need to find something which looks glamorous enough to pull off walking through the red carpet – that’s what the theme that was given for this year.

Working in an office situated just on top of a large shopping mall, it is always convenient for me to do shopping or even window shopping any day I like. I was walking pass through a well known designer brand boutique on the ground floor of the shopping mall the other day and saw that they have sales going on. Advertised on the glass door, “Everything 50% off”. Wow! I was quite tempted to go in and have a look but I didn’t because I know even though the price there has been slashed with 50% discounts, it is still tad too expensive for me.

You know… when you walk into those expensive and well known designer boutique, the sales girls there would look at you at one kind, sort of scrutinizing you from head to toe. And you probably will be embarrass if you were not wearing any branded stuff to show off that you have got the purchasing power to even worthy of browsing through their range of items in their shop. That is why people like me, seldom or would not even dare to go into those high-end fashion boutique. But if you shop through the internet, this would be a completely different scenario.

There is this website called which sells all sorts of designer fashion with great discounts offer, comprises of many well known brands such as Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Nike and etc. I am particularly attracted to the designer handbags being sold by My eyes were fixed upond the Furla Josee bag (see picture), koodos price £143.00 (original price £220.00). Yup! I know it is really expensive especially after converting it to MYR it would be around RM1,000 for the bag. I love the design and the versatility of the colour. Such a ‘good taste’ I have eh?

If you can really afford it, koodos is absolutely a good place to shop for smart discounted price for authentic designer brands goods. Men and women fashion items can be found there. But you have got to hurry because their item is so popular, they run out of stock fast and they only have limited quantity for each item they sell at their website.

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